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WWF Membership

WWF membership is a great idea for a charity gift if you have friends that care deeply about the environment or indeed yourself if you are eco-friendly. Signing up for WWF membership enables the organisation to help preserve the earth’s biodiversity, as well as assist with conservation efforts for wildlife species that are being threatened with extinction.

As a member you will receive WWF's Action magazine three times per year full of:

  • conservation news and field reports
  • debates and campaign updates
  • competitions and reader offers
  • plus a panda pin and welcome pack.

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About WWF

The goal of WWF is to help with nature conservation and mitigate some of the most pressing threats to Earth’s biodiversity. The organisation seeks to create a world where nature and people can live together in harmony. WWF is the largest conservation group in the World, working in over 90 countries through a global network.

WWF is a science based organisation that offers constructive solutions to fundamental issues affecting the world, such as species survival, habitat destruction, sustainable development and climate change. WWF has over 5 million members globally with 90 per cent of its revenue coming from voluntary donations made by individuals and businesses alike. You can join them from just £3.00 a month.

WWF Goal and Strategies

By the year 2020, WWF plans to be helping to conserve many of the most ecologically important regions of the world by partnering with governments and other organisations to:

  • Protect species under threat and restore their habitats.
  • Improve the ability of local communities to sustainably use the natural resources that they are dependent upon.
  • Shape policies and markets so that the impact of consumption and production of commodities is minimised.
  • Encourage millions of people globally to support conservation.

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The South African Government is pushing ahead with plans to legalise the sale of the rhino horn within its borders. The proposed legislation will include a provision for the export of the animal product that is the reason behind a poaching crisis which many experts believe could result in the extinction of the species with ten years. Edna Molewa, South Africa’s Minister of Environmental Affairs filed draft regulations in February which would allow the sale of rhino horn in the country for “personal purposes” with a valid permit.

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