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Adopt a Mountain Gorilla

A Mountain Gorilla

Critically Endangered

Mountain Gorilla’s are proud, magnificent creatures, but sadly they are slipping slowly into extinction. Now on the critically endangered list, there are around 800 of these beautiful animals left in the wild, and unless we all pull together they could disappear from the planet forever.

By adopting a Mountain Gorilla, you will be providing much needed funds to help train rangers to protect not only the Gorilla’s themselves but also their diminishing habit. WWF work with governments and the local populous to help educate them on their need to assist the Mountain Gorilla in its hour of need. Your donations will help ensure a better and safer future for one of the planet’s most beautiful animals.

Adopt a Gorilla Gift Pack

Mountain Gorilla Gift Pack with Cuddly Toy

When you adopt a Mountain Gorilla with WWF you will receive a gift pack which includes a cuddly toy Gorilla. The toy is great for all ages and you also get lots of info on your chosen animal plus regular updates throughout the year.

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Gorilla Facts

5 Mountain Gorilla Facts

  1. The mountain gorilla is a subspecies of the eastern gorilla and is a large strong ape that lives on the volcanic slopes of Africa with few natural predators.
  2. Mountain gorillas live in groups of up to 30. The group, or troop, is led by a single alpha male called an older silverback.
  3. Mountain gorillas are extremely strong animals but also very shy. When they feel threatened they can be aggressive and beat their chests. Leaders of the group will charge at any threat whilst mothers are prepared to fight to the death in order to protect their young.
  4. A fully grown male adult mountain gorilla can weigh up to 180 kilograms whilst females weigh about half that or 90 kilograms.
  5. Mountain gorillas share 98 per cent of their DNA with human beings.

Why Adopt a Mountain Gorilla?

The mountain gorilla is a fur coated great ape that is one of the closest relatives of the human species. Unfortunately, we also happen to be the main threat to their continued survival. Humans have been forcing their way into the forests of central Africa for decades now. These forests are where mountain gorillas live and as a result of our intrusion, there are now less than 900 of these splendid animals left in the wild. If that is not enough to convince you, here are five reasons why you should adopt a mountain gorilla.

1. Help Ensure The Mountain Gorilla Does Not Become Extinct

There used to be thousands of gorillas living in the wild. As a result of increased pressure on their habitat caused by humans who are causing deforestation in order to exploit the region’s natural resources, Gorillas now simply have nowhere to live. By adopting a mountain gorilla through WWF, you will be helping to maintain the forest area that is left for them and allow their numbers to grow.

2. Mountain Gorillas Play A Critical Role in the Ecosystem

Gorillas are important to the environment they live in. They are vegetarian large-scale grazers and this means they bring balance to the food chain. Their absence would cause a lot of disruption which would negatively impact other species in the area and the people who depend on the environment and those species for their survival. By adopting a mountain gorilla through WWF, not only are you helping to protect an endangered species, but also an entire ecosystem that depends on them.

3. Seeing Gorillas in The Wild is a Fantastic Experience

There is no question how magnificent a male silverback mountain gorilla is. We should not allow a situation to arise where the only way we can see one is in the enclosure of a zoo. It is an incredible experience to see mountain gorillas in the wild and if you get the opportunity to do so, it is a life changing experience. Help WWF protect the mountain gorilla so that future generations will have the opportunity to see these animals up close and in their natural habitat.


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4. Help Prevent Mountain Gorillas From Being Caught Up In War

Yes it is true that the number one cause behind the mountain gorilla is the loss of their habitat. However, another reason the number of gorillas in the wild are so few is the species has been caught up in human conflict that plagues the countries where they live. This means gorillas can end up in the cross fire of war and this kind of loss is a real tragedy. By adopting a mountain gorilla through WWF, you will be providing the organisation with the necessary funding to develop strategies to prevent such deaths.

5. Adopting A Mountain Gorilla is a Great Gift Idea

If you have been thinking about a gift idea for someone’s birthday or Christmas, then whato better option than gifting them a WWF mountain gorilla adoption. They will receive a gift pack and cuddly toy, plus regular updates about the conservation status of the species they are helping to protect.



About WWF Adopt an Animal

For a small regular monthly fee you can Adopt an Animal with WWF for yourself or a friend which will help to safeguard the future of your selected species and their habitat. Animal adoptions make great charity gifts and are also an excellent way to show your support to the worlds wildlife and help to fund the work WWF does on conservation. You can also support their great work with a WWF Membership or by choosing from one of their selection of charity gifts at the WWF Shop.

WWF Charity Information

WWF are the worlds largest independent environmental organisation. Originating in the UK where they were formed in 1961 they are now active all over the world. As a charity the WWF rely heavily on donations from members and supporters.

WWF Facts

  • a truly global network who are active in over than 100 countries
  • a science-based organisation who tackle issues including the survival of species and habitats, climate change, sustainable business and environmental education
  • over five million supporters worldwide
  • 90 per cent of their income comes from donations from people and the business community

WWF’s Mission

WWF are on a mission to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment. They want to build a future in which we can live in harmony with nature. It’s a simple mission statement but difficult to achieve. They aim to use their practical experience and knowledge to find and implement longterm solutions. They have set out some clear pointers to help achieve their goal.

  • Conserve the world’s biological diversity.
  • Campaign for the use of renewable and sustainable resources.
  • Reduce pollution and wasteful consumption.

Latest News

Wild Mountain Gorilla Population On The Rise

There is some good news coming out of the mountains of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The population of gorillas rose from 480 in 2010 to 604 in 2016. When you add that population to the couple hundred other apes that live in scattered habitats to the south, it is estimated […]

Spending Time With Wild Mountain Gorillas Is A Life Changing Experience

Usually after tourists return from visiting mountain gorillas in Rwanda, they declare it to be “a life changing experience”. Mountain gorillas are an incredibly unique species that display complex behaviour and exhibit distinct personalities so it is not surprising that eco-tourists feel this way. Just getting to the mountain gorilla in the wild is a thrilling experience since they live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Their habitat is one of the few remaining tropical mountain forests, perched on the steep slopes of the Virunga volcanoes.

Conservationists Thrilled With Arrival Of Habituated Western Gorilla Twins

The first set of twins to ever be born to habituated gorillas in the Dzanga-Sangha Protected Areas (DSPA) complex in the Central African Republic (CAR) have arrived. The babies have yet to be named though conservationists are thrilled by their arrival. The babies were first seen at the end of January at Bai Hokou where they were spotted hanging on to their moth Malui with their father Makumba the resident silverback hovering protectively close by.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Gorilla

The gorilla is a large ape that lives in Africa. There are two types of gorilla. The first sub species lives in the mountain regions located in central Africa and is commonly known as the mountain gorilla. The other subspecies is known as the lowland gorilla and lives in the dense and flat forests of western and central Africa. Whilst both types of gorilla have a lot of similarities, there are also some key differences: