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Siberian Tiger Poaching Under Scrutiny

A new report has suggested that poaching of Amur tigers in Russia is on the increase as illegal deforestation accelerates and their habitat gets smaller.

Searching For Lost Birds

In December 2021 the Search for Lost Birds list was released, featuring 10 birds that haven’t been seen in the wild for at least 10 years.

Hundreds Of New Species Identified

There were 503 new species discovered and identified in the past two years including a monkey found on an extinct volcano in Myanmar, Southeast Asia.

Whales Eat More Than We Thought

It is a fairly simple question – how much do whales eat? Until now that question has always been answered with rough calculation, but now we can more accurately answer thanks to recent research.

WWF Tiger Conservation

The wide range within which tigers live in the wild is under threat. Tigers need space to roam and hunt, however their range is being eroded.

New Pacific Marine Reserve

A large marine reserve is going to be created as part of an agreement between Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama. The reserve will span the coasts of all four countries.

Jaguars Eat More Fish Than Previously Thought

A group of jaguars in a wetland area of Brazil eat more fish than land animals, and are happy to socialise together according to a new report.

Clean Water Campaign – UK

The UK government has promised to introduce tougher action against water companies that dump raw sewage into England’s rivers and seas.