We bring you the latest from around the World in wildlife and conservation news.

Threat Of Mass Ocean Extinction

In the next 100 years or more we are heading towards losing unprecedented marine life due to climate change.

Animal Navigation

Every year, millions of animals carry out the challenging strategy of migrating. The movement of birds, mammals, fish and insects is a key part of the earth’s biodiversity.

Earth Day

This year marks 52 years since Earth Day first began. Earth Day is an opportunity for people all over the world to celebrate our planet and raise awareness for climate issues.

Orangutan Language

The alarm calls of orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra have been studied and the research has made some interesting discoveries.

Namibian Wild Elephant Sale Causes Controversy

Namibia has drawn attention for recent wild elephant sales, angering some conservationists who think that an international wildlife treaty has been broken.

National Panda Day

Today we are celebrating National Panda Day. It is also a good time to celebrate pandas being moved from endangered to vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

Polar Bears – 10 Amazing Facts

WWF have recently been celebrating the largest land predator in the world – the polar bear. These incredible animals are severely threatened by habitat change.

One Ocean Summit

On 9th February world leaders, environmental campaigners and scientists met in France for a three day conference called One Ocean Summit.