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UK Pledges £4m To Endangered Species

The UK government has pledged to give £4m of funding to the International Consortium on Combatting Wildlife Crime (ICCWC).


Earlier in November world leaders gathered in Egypt for the COP27 conference.

WWF Living Planet Report

WWF has released its Living Planet Report, which found that wildlife populations have fallen by 69% in the past 50 years.

World Snow Leopard Day

Not much is known about the elusive snow leopard. Incredibly well camouflaged, and brilliantly agile within their mountain habitat, makes them very hard to spot or track. Monitoring them within their habitat is tricky to say the least.

Tourists Vote Against Trophy Hunting

Over 10,000 people from the around the world have been surveyed for the organisation World Animal Protection. The survey wanted to ask peoples opinion on trophy hunting.

Satellite Images Help Seal Count

A new and novel way has been used to count seals in Antarctica. Researchers have come up with what they believe is the most accurate way to count Antarctica’s Weddell seal population.

Cheetahs Reintroduced To India

Cheetahs have been reintroduced to India for the first time since 1952. Previously they were declared extinct in the country.

World Gorilla Day

September 24th was World Gorilla Day. Mountain gorilla numbers are on the rise, so it is a good time to celebrate the conservation efforts.