Gay Male Penguin Couple Steal Egg 

Posted on March 6th 2020

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A gay male penguin couple residing at a Dutch Zoo stole an egg from a heterosexual penguin pair according to a spokesperson for the zoo. The gay male penguin call the DierenPark Amersfoort zoo in the Netherlands their home. Keepers at the zoo found the pair incubating the stolen egg and the spokesperson added there is another gay couple amongst the breeding couple.

Left unguarded

Male couples breed using eggs stolen from heterosexual couples when they leave their eggs unguarded. The spokesperson added they gay couple did take great care of the egg, the males both breed in alternate cycles. Amongst penguins homosexuality is common, but it is very noteworthy that this particular couple now has also obtained an egg.

Hatching season

Hatching season took place soon after the theft and the spokesperson said the first penguin chick had already been spotted by the keepers and more were expected soon. Amongst the new chicks, the zoo’s penguins keepers naturally hope to also welcome the one from the gay couple and are waiting with great expectation.

Homosexuality is common in many species

Homosexuality has been observed in a variety of different species including penguins. For example at New York’s Central Park Zoo there is a very famous gay penguin couple named Roy and Silo. They first attempted to incubate a rock, but the male chinstrap penguin did eventually manage to successfully hatch and raise an adopted chick. According to the Telegraph gay penguins are well known steal eggs from straight penguin couples as they seek to become “fathers.”

Gay swans

In 2018 a gay male swan couple were transferred to an animal reserve having attacked a number of people at an Australian lake as they sought to protect their nest. Upon their capture it was found in place of an actual egg, the nest contained a colourful plastic cup. In September last year a UK aquarium announced a baby penguin was being raised by a gay penguin couple and will be raised without assigning a gender to it. This was a first for the aquarium.

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