Python Swallows Indonesian Farmer Whole

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This is a story that has to be seen to believed. We can’t show you pictures unfortunately so you will have to take our word for it. In Indonesia, a farmer who was harvesting his crops disappeared. Very near where the farmer was last spotted, a giant python was caught and inside the belly of the python the farmer was found.

7 metre python

Akbar the farmer was only 25 and his body was discovered in the 7 metre (23 feet) long snake which villagers where the farmer worked has seen slithering very awkwardly. The snake was captured in Salubiro village on the Eastern island of Sulawesi.

“We were immediately suspicious that the snake had swallowed Akbar because around the site we found palm fruit, his harvesting tool and a boot,” said Junaidi, a senior village official.

“They didn’t find him (Akbar), but the villagers saw an unmoving python in the ditch. They grew suspicious that maybe the snake had Akbar,” Mashura, a spokesperson for West Sulawesi police, told BBC Indonesia. “When they cut it open, Akbar was inside the snake.”

Attacks on humans are rare

Relatives were obviously very worried when Akbar did not return home from the family’s plantation and launched a search. According to Junaidi the snake had swallowed the farmer whole and that this was the only incidence he had ever heard of in the region. This species of python routinely exceed 20ft, is common throughout Indonesia and the Philippines. Whilst these reptiles do attack small animals, it is rare for them to attempt to eat people. In 2013, a security guard on the island of Bali was killed by a python at a luxury beachfront hotel.

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