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There are many ways that you can help protect animals and their environment. Whether you choose an animal adoption or to become a member of WWF your support can make a big difference. You will be kept up to date with how your animal is doing, as well as providing more general information on how your money is being put to good use. Adopt an animal today and show the world that you are an animal protector.

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Latest News from Adopt an Animal

Three Pygmy Marmosets Stolen From A Wildlife Park In Australia

pygmy marmoset

At the end of last month, three pygmy marmosets were stolen from an Australian wildlife park. The species is incredibly rare so losing them was very bad news. The good news was whilst the marmosets were reported missing from their enclosure at Symbio Wildlife Park in South Sydney, the female marmoset Sophia and a baby were found alive the very next day. However, Gomez a male marmoset continues to remain missing.

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Panda Status As Endangered Has Been Reclassified

Bei Bei The Panda Unveiled To The General Public

A top global conservation groups has taken the giant panda off its endangered species list. This is a great result and is the product of decades of conservation efforts. Despite this fact, the Government of China refused to accept the decision claiming the situation of the country’s most beloved symbol is no less serious.

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Anti-Poaching Team Save Drowning Elephant

African Elephants Could Become Extinct Within Decades

A couple of members of ant-poaching team were patrolling Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park early in the morning when they chanced upon a truly awful sight according to National Geographic. Tom Lautenbach one of the members of the patrol said to their surprise they noticed four very large grey legs sticking out of the man-made water trough, which was established to provide clean drinking water. Mr Lautenbach adds that they then realised the legs belonged to an elephant.

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India’s Most Loved Lion Dies

Lions On The Lose In Nairobi

According to a report by the BBC, one of India’s most loved lions as well as its oldest passed away in the wild from old age. The lion named Ram was found dead at the Gir sanctuary in Western Giujarat. Ram’s age was estimated to be approximately 15 years old. He was very popular with forest officials who described Ram as being both “beautiful and flamboyant”. They added that Ram was without a doubt their most photographed lion.

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WWF Report Claims We Are losing Wildlife At An Alarming Rate

Global Warming Is Leaving Polar Bears Starving

A new report by WWF claims that as many as two thirds of the worlds wildlife could be extinct by the end of the decade if action is not taken immediately. Since 1970, 58 per cent of the numbers of fish, mammals, birds and reptiles have already disappeared says the latest bi-annual Living Planet Index commissioned by WWF. If that figure is accurate, it means that wildlife across the planet is disappearing at the rate of 2 per cent a year.

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