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There are many ways that you can help protect animals and their environment. Whether you choose an animal adoption or to become a member of WWF your support can make a big difference. You will be kept up to date with how your animal is doing, as well as providing more general information on how your money is being put to good use. Adopt an animal today and show the world that you are an animal protector.

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Latest News from Adopt an Animal

Wild Elephant Seeks Help For Bullet Wound

Hong Kong Customs Bust Illegal Ivory Shipment

An elephant that was shot in the head was forced to wander around a wildlife park in Zimbabwe for weeks before it was able to receive treatment for the injury. When he finally came across some humans he essentially motioned for their help. The elephant is being called Pretty Boy and was shot in the forehead which experts say was too high for a kill shot. Assistance was provided inside Mana Pools National Park.

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Tiger Poaching On The Rise In India

Tiger Poaching On The Rise

Whilst the numbers of tigers in the wild is rising, poaching has also risen at the same time says the Wildlife Protection Society of India. A recently released census report shows that the number of illegally poached tigers in the country this year is already higher than the total tally for 2015. The results of the survey show that as of April, there were at least 28 tigers that had been captured or killed which is 3 more than last year’s final count.

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Hugging Your Dog Causes It Stress

Hugging Your Dog Causes It Stress

New research suggests that dog lovers should stop cuddling their pets because the animals tend to find it uncomfortable and stressful. According to Dr Stanley Coren a canine behaviour scientist at the University of British Columbia, pet owners who regularly hug their pets are mistaking signs of anxiety for affection. Dr Coren said owners were blindly posting photos on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram of themselves hugging their dogs without understanding their pets are displaying clear signs of discomfort.

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Lion Shot Dead By Kenyan Wildlife Service

Lions On The Lose In Nairobi

A stray male lion that was wandering on the outskirts of Nairobi was shot dead by Kenyan wildlife rangers following an attack which resulted in a local resident getting injured according to Kenyan Wildlife Service. The agency said that a mob quickly formed around the animal which resulted in the rangers having to shoot the lion so that further injuries could be avoided.

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Female Tiger Dies During Mating Attempt

Tiger Poaching On The Rise

Mating is not easy for any species and this is especially the case for tigers. Recently a female tiger that was housed in California’s Sacramento Zoo died following an attack by a male tiger during a mating attempt that went horribly wrong. Mohan the male tiger was sent from the Memphis Zoo to mate with […]

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