Tasmanian Tiger May Not Be Extinct After All

Tasmanian Tiger May Still Be Around

There have been several reports of sightings of the Tasmanian Tiger that have begun to flow in from regular Australians. Multiple people have recently made the claim they have seen the animal which in actual fact is not a tiger at all. Despite the fact the Tasmanian Tiger closely resembles a dog, it is not of canine lineage either. Instead the Tasmanian Tiger is a carnivorous marsupial. Spotting an interesting animal in Australia is nothing out of the ordinary, however the problem with the reports that have been emerging in particular is the Tasmanian Tiger is apparently extinct.

Went extinct in 1933

That last know Tasmanian Tiger was caught in Australia way back in 1933. The animal lived briefly in a zoo for a few years before it died. The death of that animal is long thought to be the final nail in species coffin. Over the years however a number of Australians on occasion have claimed to have spotted the species, though the sightings have been rare and most scientists have attributed the sightings to little more than misidentification. That has changed now because there have been a number of plausible sightings that are beginning to give the theory that the animal never went extinct some traction.

Looking for the Tiger

As a result, scientists in Queensland are now looking for evidence that the Tiger still exists. If they can confirm the theory, the discovery would be absolutely monumental given the history of the species. The Queensland team intends to set up cameras in parts of the state where sightings have been reported in the hopes that the claims will be confirmed.

Hunted to extinction

During the late 19th century, there were bounties placed on Tasmanian Tigers in Australia and as a result, the species was hunted to very near extinction before action was taken. By then the species was believed to be doomed and when the last captive tiger died it was assumed that was it. Now it may well be that was never the case at all.

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